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Wine and 2 Veg

Launch of WineAnd2Veg - A new website for pairing plant-based food & wine

Press Release

30 Sept 2023

Introducing Wine and 2 Veg

Wine Experts Sally Evans & Wendy Narby launch seasonal recipe collection forplant-based wine enthusiasts

The website serves as both recipe ideas and a guide on optimally pairing plant-based dishes with wine.

Launching today with Autumn recipes, Wine and 2 Veg reflects the authors' health-conscious andholistic approach to wine consumption.

September 27th 2023, Bordeaux, France Wendy Narby, a leading Bordeaux Wine Educator and author of The Drinking Woman’s Diet and Sally Evans, a respected Bordeaux winemaker and the creator of the critically acclaimed boutique winery Chateau George 7, have joined forces to launch Wine and 2 Veg. This website, designed to both entertain and educate, especially caters to those who relish plant-based cuisine and seek guidance on selecting the perfect wine pairings.

In addition to featuring recipes and which style of wine to pair with them, Wine and 2 Veg offers an easy guide to the ‘how’ and ‘’why’ of pairing wine through Wendy and Sally’s expert insights and recommendations.

Sally and Wendy embarked on this mission because they recognised that traditional wine pairings primarily focus on recommendations for meat and fish. As today, many of us are choosing to eat more plants, their goal is to enable everyone to enjoy wine as part of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle. In addition, the guide underscores the idea that wine can still be enjoyed guilt free and includes wellness tips from Wendy’s book, The Drinking Woman’s Diet.

This collaborative collection, featuring some of their favourite recipes, including several that Sally serves to guests at her award-winning Bordeaux winery, will launch seasonally, with the Autumn collection now available. By championing the use of locally sourced, seasonal produce alongside sustainably produced wine, Wine and 2 Veg advocates for a more sustainable approach to dining and wine enjoyment. The recipes are inspired by the French tradition of seasonal eating, with each recipe accompanied by a pairing suggestion of one or more Bordeaux wines.

Sally Evans, Co-Creator of Wine and 2 Veg said: "This is a celebration of the joy of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle while enjoying a glass of wine and underlined by sustainability and seasonality. As a vegetarian winemaker myself, I love and make red wine and I was frustrated by the lack of recommendations of how to choose the right wine to match my plant-based meal, which is why we began to delve into the topic more and discovered there was a gap in the market. All too often, wine guides focus uniquely on meat and fish dishes. We wanted to align with our own lifestyles and create something for those who are plant-based and wish to discover which wines pair well with their favourite vegetables too.

“Wine and 2 Veg is more than just a recipe collection; it's also a guide to exploring the art of pairing great wines with plant-based dishes. Whether you're a seasoned plant-based enthusiast or simply curious about this lifestyle, we're here to make wine pairing accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.

"Wendy Narby, Co-Creator of Wine and 2 Veg shared her perspective, saying, “I have long been an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and Wine and 2 Veg has been driven by the strong belief that having a glass of quality wine with a great meal, can be part of a well-balanced, holistic approach to health. Wine and 2 Veg aims to bring together all the elements that we follow, as women working in the wine industry, who also want to look after our own health. With Wine and 2 Veg we want to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to allow them to experiment with wine and plant-based food pairings and have some fun doing so, making life more sustainable, healthy and delicious.

The Autumn Recipe Collection is now live on Wine and 2 Veg. Visit to find out more.

About Wine and 2 Veg

Wine and 2 Veg is a seasonal plant-based online recipe collection and wine guide from British born and now Bordeaux based wine experts Sally Evans and Wendy Narby. In addition to a collection of their favourite plant-based recipes, the website also includes a detailed guide on how to match plant-based ingredients and dishes and their different flavour profiles to wine. The recipes use seasonal, Northern Hemisphere found produce and each one is paired with a recommended sustainable Bordeaux wine. In addition, Wine and 2 Veg also encourages a well-balanced lifestyle and offers advice on how to enjoy wine as part of a holistic approach to healthy living. Each season a new set of recipes will be released, with Autumn now available. For more information visit

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